About Us

CLEAR WORD INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL NETWORK (CWIGN) is a dynamic HOLY SPIRIT ANOINTED faith-based global ministry composed of thousands of members, listeners, friends and supporters around the world.  Our headquaters and studio are located in Sunny Orlando, Florida, USA.

MISSION: Our Mission simply to "Revive Families, Restore Spirituality and Rebuild Community".

VISION: Clear Word's Vision is to be the most CHRISTOCENTRIC movement  utilized by God's Clear Word to empower every believer and to lead unbelievers to a dynamic saving Relationship with Jesus Christ.

We undertake of mandate with 24/7 broadcast on radio, internet, television and other multimedia platform with ministry programs that cater for the needs of the young, youths, adults and mature.  

CWIGN  places premier emphasis on CLEAR BIBLE Teachings and Life-Altering PRAYERS.

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